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Tutorial and Practices on
Homomorphic Data Analysis with HEaaN



A Homomorphic Encryption (HE) is a cryptographic scheme for computing over encrypted data. So it is known to be perfect protection for data in use as well as data at rest and data in transit because data can be analyzed without decryption. HE is selected among 5 Impactful Technologies from the Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for 2022, saying “HE will be a core technology for many future SaaS offerings to ensure the protection and privacy of data between third-party data processing and analytics providers.” It is well known that HE has some performance issues, but HE technologies have evolved rapidly. HE is practical now.

This tutorial consists of two parts. The first one is for the homomorphic encryption scheme. We will explain the key features and design choices of HE and demonstrate how fast HE is. In the hands-on session, you can experience SOTA implementation of HE using HEaaN Library, which is publicly available at https://heaan.it. Secondly, we introduce how HE can be used for data analysis. HE can be applied to various analyses, including statistics, machine learning, and deep learning. In the hands-on session, you will have a chance to use a HE-based data analysis tool, such as HEaaN.stat, a HE-based statistical analysis software using HEaaN library, which will be publicly available at heaan.it.

After taking this tutorial, attendees will be familiar with HE and get to know how to apply HEaaN in their work to get better results than ever before.

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